From ‘register chick’ to Locumate co-founder

Our co-founder Kavita Nadan got her start in pharmacy on the cash register. Since then, she’s managed a pharmacy in rural Victoria, become a managing partner, and started Locumate. 

“As an owner/pharmacist and managing partner, I was hiring locums a lot. The whole process was broken. We realised that we needed to put locums at the forefront of this as well as the owners.”

“We needed to make a platform that was going to suit the needs of both parties.”

So she did. 

NSW and QLD, we’re live!

When we launched Locumate a few short months ago in Victoria, we said we’d let you know once we were available in other states. 

Well, that time has come. 

The Locumate app, and all its features, is now officially available for pharmacies and locums in NSW and QLD. 

Pharmacies can start posting jobs and finding the right locums for their business, while locums can start browsing for work opportunities and filling the shifts they want and need. 

We started Locumate because we knew there was a better way to give locums and pharmacies, just like you, control of their staff and their careers.

 If you’re in NSW or QLD, download our app today and try it for yourself.

Get Locumate!

New Locumate Update: Feature List

The newest Locumate update was released this week. These updates are available on the web app ( and Android. Unfortunately Apple App Store process takes a little longer but we didn’t want our users to wait to take advantage of all the new features. 

First of all, we would like to thank our community. Your feedback has been vital in the features we have released to date.  We have listed all new features by user type below.


Automated Invoicing and Payments
  • The Locumate App will automatically create an invoice and send to the pharmacy for payment
  • Once a payment is received from the pharmacy, it will will be automatically transferred to you by the payment gateway.

Action required: Please log into your Locumate account, and connect your account to the payment gateway. You can do this by clicking on the profile icon and ‘Billing’. 

Detailed Pay Information
  • Detailed breakdown of shift rate information including travel compensation (if applicable)

Detailed Shift Information

Additional Job Information:
  • Pharmacies now add more job details which will be available for locums to view prior to accepting a shift. 

More about the job



Automated Invoicing and Payments
  • Ability to make payments online via the Locumate App (Credit Card / Bank Debit)
Budget Insights
  • You will know exact spend for upcoming shifts including travel compensation (if applicable)

Shift Budget

Additional Job Information
  • Provide locums more information about shifts to allow the right locums to accept. 

It’s official: our new invoicing feature is here!

If you’re a Locumate locum, you can now stop spending time manually submitting invoices and start thinking about what you’re going to be doing with all that time you’ll save with our new invoicing feature. 

We recently wrote about how Locumate is changing the invoicing experience, and we’re proud to announce the launch of our new automatic invoicing feature. 

Our latest release means that after a locum submits a timesheet, the pharmacy approves it, and an invoice is simply and automatically created, all from the Locumate app. It also means that once a locum clicks on a job, we’ll show you the pay rate, whether travel costs are paid and what they are, plus expected salary for the shift. 

Thi Tran, a locum pharmacist in Melbourne, says the payment process is simple. “Once you finish the shift it reminds you to conclude it and put through the payment. It makes the process much easier. You save time sitting down on your laptop and doing invoices. Basically once you agree to the shift, you turn up to work, finish, and submit the invoice online.” 

We know that it’s an incredibly difficult time for pharmacies and locums alike right now, so we’re continuing to work hard to improve our processes and make life easier for our community. Ultimately, we believe locums should be in control of how much they should be paid, while pharmacies should know their expected costs upfront to make budgeting and planning easier.

A focus on our company values

Introducing Locumate: Our Mission and Vision

As the co-founder of Locumate, it’s no secret that I’m often asked about the organisation and our company values. I’m asked about how the platform works, how the idea came about, or what features we’re working on next. I’m asked about the technology behind the app, the payroll and invoicing, and how we’re making the lives of pharmacies and locums easier. But I’m also asked about what we believe in. What we stand for as a company. What it’s like to work at Locumate. And as a growing organisation, I wanted to share these values with you, with our broader community, and beyond.

Company Values: The Importance of Integrity

We treat everyone with respect and equality. We believe in a level playing field for everyone and strive to make sure that we’re fair in everything we do. A big part of that is communication. We offer transparency across the board for employees and customers through honest and open communication. We know that we might not always get it right – and that’s OK – but we will always communicate and consult with our community every step of the way.

Innovation: The Heartbeat of Locumate

We’re a startup app in the pharmacy sector. Of course, innovation is a huge part of our DNA. We’re here to change the way things have been done for decades. To think of better solutions. To be faster and make it easier for our customers, all while harnessing technology to help us innovate. We encourage creativity, thinking outside the box, and challenging the norm.

Locumate’s Work Culture: Fostering Fun and Creativity

We’re not your regular marketplace app, and we hope that comes across in what we offer, how we communicate, and how we solve problems. We value humour, enjoying the work we do, and celebrating every success along the way, no matter how small. We work hard to deliver positive outcomes to the people we serve, but also to create a fulfilling and exciting environment.

A Customer-focused Approach: Keeping Pharmacies and Locums at the Forefront

An app that serves pharmacies and locums isn’t going to work unless they’re at the forefront of every decision we make. We’re customer-led and pull out all stops to make the satisfaction of our customers paramount. Because without them, we can’t exist.

Keeping it Simple: Locumate’s Philosophy

I have a pharmacy background, not a technology or business background, and it’s easy to get caught up in the complexities and complications of systems, processes and over-engineering. We know that the simplest solution is usually the best one, so we remove the clutter and the noise and only keep what’s actually useful. It doesn’t mean the work isn’t difficult or complex – it is – but it does mean that we always try to design logically and sustainably. We know that keeping things simple now will put us in great stead for the future.

Looking Ahead: Locumate’s Future

We’re so excited to continue to help build and scale Locumate over the years ahead, and I truly believe that by staying true to ourselves, partnering with people and organisations with aligned values, and tapping into the wonderful network of pharmacies and locums across Australia, we’ll be in for one incredible journey.

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How Locumate is changing the invoicing experience

Revolutionising Locum Pharmacy: Changing the Invoicing Experience

From using multiple systems to handwriting paper invoices, locum pharmacists haven’t always been paid in a simple or straightforward way Locumate is changing the invoicing experience and paving the way for efficiency and convenience. Let’s be honest: it’s confusing, time consuming and deeply frustrating.

Visit the AppStore or Google Playstore to download Locumate.

The Hassle of Old Invoicing Methods

The traditional method of getting paid required locums to submit their own timesheets and invoices manually – a process that can consume hours of a locum’s time, creating an administrative burden no one needs. On top of that, our community research shows that in some instances, it can take up to three months for locums to get paid.

Locumate: Automating Invoicing

We know that there’s a better way and we’re excited to be part of the solution. At Locumate, we’re changing the invoicing experience by automating invoicing so pharmacies and locums can get back to doing what they do best: providing a great service to their customers.

How It Works: Simple and Secure

As soon as a locum finishes their shift, they submit a timesheet via our app. Then, the pharmacy approves it with the click of a button. From there, our secure payment feature creates an automatic invoice to the pharmacy on behalf of the locum, and this can be paid quickly online.

A Real World Perspective

Alan, a locum pharmacist in Caulfield South, says “I do a lot of shifts in different pharmacies and raising an invoice every time I work means I can be generating four or five invoices a week. It gets a bit messy.” Locumate offers a streamlined, reliable solution to this common issue.

Efficiency and Compliance for Pharmacies

For pharmacies on Locumate, all submitted invoices are approved, tracked and audited, and reporting functionality allows easy access for compliance.

A Future-focused Approach

We hope that this is just the start of an improved experience for locums and pharmacies. With exciting additions on the horizon, we’re keen to take the confusion, time, and effort out of invoicing, effectively changing the invoicing experience.

After all, no one gets into pharmacy to spend their time invoicing.