How much should locums be charging?

The pandemic continues, the job market is tight, and it’s a candidate’s market so how much should locums be charging? Nowhere is this more obvious than in the pharmacy sector. We know that locum pharmacists are filling short and long term staffing needs due to increased demand and an overall workforce shortage in the sector. 

It’s important that pharmacies recognise this environment and that locums understand their value in this climate. 

We’ve found that pharmacies setting jobs at $40 – $50 per hour don’t get those jobs filled due to lack of demand. 

And, with a generally low Pharmacy Industry Award, we believe in giving locums the ability to set their own rates, taking into account their scope, experience, market rate, and preference.

So, it’s for these reasons that we recommend locums set their rate above $60-70 per hour. Of course, we understand that everyone is different and that this is all dependent on the locum’s location, experience and preference. 

Ultimately, understanding the current climate for both locums and pharmacies is key!