The importance of planning ahead 

Flexibility and Planning in Locum Pharmacy

One of the biggest drawcards of being a locum pharmacist is the flexibility of planning your work life it offers. Being able to work around your schedule and find and accept shifts that work for you – rather than the other way around – is crucial. Last minute shifts can help pharmacies who might suddenly be stuck without staff, and can be great for locums whose schedules might have changed and are happy to take quick shifts at short notice. 

The Role of Long-Term Planning in Locum Work

But, whether you’re a pharmacy or a locum, it’s important to remember that locum work doesn’t always have to be last-minute. Something we’ve noticed on Locumate is that shifts in three, four, and even five months’ time are already starting to book out. 

Advantages of Long-Term Planning for Locums

What this means is that locums have the choice to plan their schedule months in advance, being able to arrange work shifts around long-term plans such as travel, family celebrations or other commitments. It also means that in times of high demand, such as holiday seasons and public holidays, locums can accept shifts months ahead of time for peace of mind and planning purposes. If you’re working at multiple locations, getting ahead of your schedule can be a great organisational tool. 

Planning Ahead: Benefits for Pharmacies

For pharmacies, the high demand for shifts in advance means it’s possible to plan schedules for the next quarter and beyond, also bringing peace of mind and organisation. Christmas might be six months away, but the further ahead you can plan for it, the more on top of it you’ll be when the time does come whizzing by and you’re suddenly in need of extra staff.

Locumate: A Tool for Effective Planning

Posting jobs in Locumate in advance can help you prepare for what you can. Of course, it’s impossible to plan everything, and last-minute shifts will always be an option for both pharmacies and locums. But next time you’re thinking beyond tomorrow, consider posting or accepting shifts in advance. Future (organised) you will thank you for it.