Post: Single locum to work multiple shifts.

Single locum to work multiple shifts.

Based on valuable feedback we have received, we understand that when stores advertise multiple shifts, particularly to cover periods of annual leave, there is a strong preference for having a single locum to work all these shifts. This preference stems from the need for consistency and continuity within the store, which ultimately benefits both the staff and the customers.

Having the same locum for all shifts allows a single locum to become familiar with the store’s operations, staff, and procedures, which enhances efficiency and reduces the need for training to suit that specific store’s needs.
It assists in fostering trust and familiarity as customers benefit from interacting with the same locum over multiple shifts.

To address this need, we are excited to introduce a new feature that caters specifically to this requirement.

When applying for shifts, you may now see a note stating: ‘This is a bulk shift. This pharmacy requests a single locum to book all listed shifts.’ This feature is designed to streamline the process and ensure that the same locum can work all the specified shifts.


When viewing these bulk shifts, you will have the option to select or unselect all shifts as a group. This means you will not be able to pick up individual shifts within the bulk listing. By ensuring that only one locum is responsible for all the shifts, we are supporting stores in achieving their goals of operational consistency and efficiency.