Building a community for Locums starts with forming great partnerships in the industry.

Locumate and Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) have created a strong partnership in working towards a common goal: empowering the pharmacists of today to be the best in their field for now and the future. Our commitment starts from the student level and remains for the journey of a pharmacist’s career. With PSA, we plan to identify the challenges facing our pharmacists and work on providing trainings, mentorship and support to advance their practice and quality of healthcare to the Australian community.

At Locumate we have built a community for locums and offer support in a variety of ways. Pharmacy Support Services focuses on providing support to pharmacists so they can maintain their mental health and thus provide an appropriate level of service to the Australian community. Together we can give pharmacists the support to recognise and act on mental health triggers such as stress, financial and professional pressures and employment matters, with a service that is available for pharmacists by pharmacists.