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We’ve been hard at work crafting an unparalleled experience on our platform and are so
excited to be celebrating the launch of Locumate Access+, our new subscriber

As a Locumate Access+ member, you’ll gain access to a suite of exclusive premium
features that will save you time, money, and all the overhead that comes with managing
your talent.

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What can you expect from our
new technology?

Multiple talent channels, all seamlessly integrated into our app

Never switch between an Excel sheet, a phone call, a text message, or an email to manage your people ever again. Locumate Access+ gives you a comprehensive talent resourcing solution, right at your fingertips. This includes having the ability
to contact external partners via the app.

Group-level oversight

Group managers will have the ability to support pharmacy owners more effectively by overseeing the talent-sourcing process across multiple locations and geographies.

Data for decision-making

Locumate Access+ will also give you the flexibility to assess potential candidates before offering shifts, giving you greater confidence in their fit for your pharmacy.

So, why should you join
Locumate Access+?

We know your people are the most important part of your pharmacy which is why we designed Locumate Access+ to help you focus on the important things.

Enjoy the following benefits and more:

… and above all else, peace of mind knowing your pharmacy
and its people are in good hands.

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