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Locumate will empower locums to have more control
over where they work, while empowering pharmacies to
achieve the standards they expect in their locums.

Opportunity Within The Market

Locumate creates the opportunity for a more streamlined process so pharmacies can improve their bottom line. This innovative app will mean that better information is at the users fingertips, leading to an improved industry overall.

For Pharmacies

  • Finalise payment with the click of a button
  • No more bill shocks – pharmacies will know exactly how much the locum charges
  • Pharmacies can view a profile on each locum who accepts a shift
  • Expectations are clarified from the beginning of engagement

For Locums

  • They know exactly how much they will be paid before taking on a job
  • No more waiting for payment
  • No more complications relating to invoicing, GST summaries and other sole trader frustrations
  • Notifications of any changes to their shift
  • Calendar synching, timesheets, feedback and posting shifts in one easy to use app

From Frustration To Empowerment

Locumate will empower locums to have more control over where they work, while empowering pharmacies to achieve the standards they expect in their locums.

  • Locums can view information about the pharmacy before making an informed decision
  • A single point of contact at the pharmacy helps locums obtain instructions and details quickly and easily
  • Locums will have a better understanding of what is expected of them before they start their shift
  • Direct communication with the locum allows pharmacies to properly instruct their locum for a smooth arrival and transition into the job
  • Pharmacies know exactly how much a locum charges
  • Review system and feedback loop empowers locums with the right skills and qualifications to do the job well

From Surprise To Clarity


  • We provide pharmacies with a checklist to ensure they can offer the locum a smooth transition upon arrival
  • Direct communication allows pharmacies to know exactly who they are dealing with and if they have the skillset to meet their needs


  • The app makes it easier for the locum to understand how the pharmacy operates, so they can get on with the job.
  • Binding contract guarantees payment

The Locumate app requires reviews from both sides upon the completion of the job. This easy feedback loop provides each party with more confidence.

Full Features of Locumate


  • Store Information (Script Numbers, Services Provided, Software Used)
  • Calendar view of all shifts posted
  • Visibility of Locum profile once shift is booked
  • Chat feature to communicate with Locum
  • Notifications - when job is accepted, timesheets to be approved
  • Timesheeting
  • White-label capabilities
  • Create shifts without re-entering information
  • Only matching locum pharmacists notified
  • Feedback for Locums


  • Availability Info (Days, Rates)
  • Calendar view of work schedule
  • Visibility of Store info when browsing jobs
  • Maps Integration to work out travel time
  • Chat feature to communicate with pharmacy - simple communication
  • Notifications - job matching availability info, 24 hours prior to shift start, timesheet reminder
  • Timesheeting - get paid on time
  • Invoicing - get paid on time
  • Feedback for stores

The Locumate Platform

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