From ‘register chick’ to Locumate co-founder

Our co-founder Kavita Nadan got her start in pharmacy on the cash register. Since then, she’s managed a pharmacy in rural Victoria, become a managing partner, and started Locumate. 

“As an owner/pharmacist and managing partner, I was hiring locums a lot. The whole process was broken. We realised that we needed to put locums at the forefront of this as well as the owners.”

“We needed to make a platform that was going to suit the needs of both parties.”

So she did. 

Pharmacies save over $250k in agency fees within 3 months 

We’re proud of the fact that Locumate offers a genuine solution helping pharmacies save money, find staff, fill shifts, and connect with suitable locums. Whether it’s an emergency shift, a long-term fill, or an additional resource to scale up or down depending on your pharmacy’s needs, we know that our locum pharmacists are solving plenty of staffing challenges. 

So today, we’re delighted to announce that in the last three months, we’ve saved our retail pharmacies over $250,000 in premium agency fees alone. This means pharmacies have more freedom and flexibility in spending their money, affording them many more hours of locum resources. 

And, with the Fair Work Commission announcing a 5.2% increase to minimum wages from July 1, we know that pharmacies are going to need to be more budget conscious than ever. 

However, we’re also proud of the fact that we give pharmacies affordable locum support without compromising locum wages. 

We’re committed to providing pharmacies with a fair and accessible service, one that also benefits locums with flexibility, choice in their rates and shifts, and control over their work. 

To access our wide range of locums, and save on premium agency fees, join Locumate today.