Post: How Locumate is changing the invoicing experience

How Locumate is changing the invoicing experience

Revolutionising Locum Pharmacy: Changing the Invoicing Experience

From using multiple systems to handwriting paper invoices, locum pharmacists haven’t always been paid in a simple or straightforward way Locumate is changing the invoicing experience and paving the way for efficiency and convenience. Let’s be honest: it’s confusing, time consuming and deeply frustrating.

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The Hassle of Old Invoicing Methods

The traditional method of getting paid required locums to submit their own timesheets and invoices manually – a process that can consume hours of a locum’s time, creating an administrative burden no one needs. On top of that, our community research shows that in some instances, it can take up to three months for locums to get paid.

Locumate: Automating Invoicing

We know that there’s a better way and we’re excited to be part of the solution. At Locumate, we’re changing the invoicing experience by automating invoicing so pharmacies and locums can get back to doing what they do best: providing a great service to their customers.

How It Works: Simple and Secure

As soon as a locum finishes their shift, they submit a timesheet via our app. Then, the pharmacy approves it with the click of a button. From there, our secure payment feature creates an automatic invoice to the pharmacy on behalf of the locum, and this can be paid quickly online.

A Real World Perspective

Alan, a locum pharmacist in Caulfield South, says “I do a lot of shifts in different pharmacies and raising an invoice every time I work means I can be generating four or five invoices a week. It gets a bit messy.” Locumate offers a streamlined, reliable solution to this common issue.

Efficiency and Compliance for Pharmacies

For pharmacies on Locumate, all submitted invoices are approved, tracked and audited, and reporting functionality allows easy access for compliance.

A Future-focused Approach

We hope that this is just the start of an improved experience for locums and pharmacies. With exciting additions on the horizon, we’re keen to take the confusion, time, and effort out of invoicing, effectively changing the invoicing experience.

After all, no one gets into pharmacy to spend their time invoicing.