Post: It’s official: our new invoicing feature is here!

It’s official: our new invoicing feature is here!

If you’re a Locumate locum, you can now stop spending time manually submitting invoices and start thinking about what you’re going to be doing with all that time you’ll save with our new invoicing feature. 

We recently wrote about how Locumate is changing the invoicing experience, and we’re proud to announce the launch of our new automatic invoicing feature. 

Our latest release means that after a locum submits a timesheet, the pharmacy approves it, and an invoice is simply and automatically created, all from the Locumate app. It also means that once a locum clicks on a job, we’ll show you the pay rate, whether travel costs are paid and what they are, plus expected salary for the shift. 

Thi Tran, a locum pharmacist in Melbourne, says the payment process is simple. “Once you finish the shift it reminds you to conclude it and put through the payment. It makes the process much easier. You save time sitting down on your laptop and doing invoices. Basically once you agree to the shift, you turn up to work, finish, and submit the invoice online.” 

We know that it’s an incredibly difficult time for pharmacies and locums alike right now, so we’re continuing to work hard to improve our processes and make life easier for our community. Ultimately, we believe locums should be in control of how much they should be paid, while pharmacies should know their expected costs upfront to make budgeting and planning easier.