Guide to 60-day Dispensing: Keeping your Patients Safe!

In the realm of pharmacy, the transition to 60-day dispensing in Australia has brought forth a wave of changes and new challenges for pharmacists. One of the major hurdles faced by pharmacists in this shift, is the crucial task of educating patients on the importance of adherence amongst the extended medication supply.


Due to the possible less frequent trips to the pharmacy, pharmacists need to make sure they are still able to monitor patient’s medications to ensure they are taken safely and correctly. Some of the risks of extended medication supply are over dosing, therefore counselling the patient on this new larger quantity of medicines, may include advice on how to store excess medication, when they are due to get a repeat dispensed, or maybe advise of drug administration aids.


It is important that patients comprehend the significance of consistent medication use, potential side effects, and the adherence to treatment plans. Pharmacists play a pivotal role in guiding patients through these changes, offering support, monitoring progress, and addressing any concerns that may surface during the extended dispensing interval.


By actively engaging with patients and providing comprehensive education, pharmacists can navigate these challenges effectively, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes and enhanced healthcare delivery. The journey of implementing 60-day dispensing may be complex, but with dedication to patient education and support, pharmacists can rise to the occasion and make a positive impact on patient health and well-being.

Vedrana Djurkovic