How does the payment process work?

There are two key components to the Locumate App which streamlines payment.

  1. Submitting timesheets
  2. Auto creation of invoices

1. Submitting timesheets

Once you complete your shift, Locumate will send a reminder to submit your timesheet directly from the Locumate App. After the timesheet is submitted, it will be sent to the Pharmacy for approval.

For more information on how to submit timesheets – please click here

Once the timesheet is approved, Locumate will start the invoicing process on your behalf. That’s right, no more messy and time consuming admin work!

You will receive a copy of the invoice.  Your Locumate calendar will also track progress of all shifts via different statuses.

Locumate Calendar

Status: Review and Submit Timesheet

Action: You will need to submit the timesheet.

Review and Submit Timesheet


Status: Timesheet submitted. Waiting for approval.

Action: Not required. We are waiting for the pharmacy to approve timesheet.

Timesheet Submitted

Status: Timesheet Approved. (awaiting payment)

Action: Not required. Invoice process will be started shortly. (Invoices are generated Monday nights)

Timesheet Approved

Status: Invoice Sent

Action: Confirm that you have received the payment from the pharmacy. If not, Locumate will follow up with the pharmacy on your behalf.