Post: What’s the Deal with Locumate’s new “Apply” vs “Accept” Feature?

What’s the Deal with Locumate’s new “Apply” vs “Accept” Feature?

In the dynamic world of locum pharmacy work, standing out from the crowd is essential for securing the best shifts and opportunities. With Locumate’s new “Apply” vs “Accept Shifts” feature, pharmacists now have even more control over their schedules and the chance to make their profiles truly shine.

So, what exactly is this feature all about?

It’s simple yet powerful: some shifts on Locumate will display a blue “Accept” button, while others will feature a yellow “Apply” button. The blue button signifies shifts that can be booked immediately, while the yellow button allows pharmacists to submit their resumes or CVs to be considered for the role. This gives pharmacists more flexibility and options in managing their time and schedule.

To make the most of this feature and ensure your profile stands out, it’s essential to have an up-to-date resume or CV to be uploaded to your Locumate profile. This document serves as your virtual calling card, showcasing your skills, qualifications, and experience. Additionally, consider including additional documents such as vaccination certificates, which can demonstrate your compliance with industry standards and requirements.

When crafting your resume or CV, be sure to highlight relevant experience, qualifications, and any specialised skills or certifications you possess. Tailor your profile to the specific needs and preferences of the pharmacies you’re interested in working with, and don’t hesitate to showcase any unique qualities or attributes that set you apart from other candidates.

Remember, responsiveness is key in the locum pharmacy world. If you receive an offer after applying for a shift, be sure to respond promptly within 24 hours to secure the opportunity. And if you accept a shift that overlaps with another you’ve applied for, rest assured that any pending applications will be automatically withdrawn, streamlining the process for both you and the pharmacy.

With Locumate’s new “Apply” vs “Accept Shifts” feature, pharmacists have the power to take control of their schedules and make their profiles stand out to potential employers. By ensuring your profile is up-to-date, tailored to the role, and responsive to offers, you can maximise your chances of landing the best locum opportunities available. So, go ahead and make your mark on Locumate today!