Post: Resourcing over the holiday season

Resourcing over the holiday season

Navigating the Busy Holiday Season in Australian Pharmacies

Whether it’s sorting out repeat prescriptions, gift buying, school holiday season, or regional pharmacies dealing with sunburnt holidaymakers, it’s no secret that summer in Australia brings with it a busy time for pharmacists. Now, we’re not complaining here; ask any pharmacist and they’ll tell you that a bustling store is one hundred times better than a quiet one.

Staffing Challenges During the Holiday Season

But mix an increased demand with regular staff on leave and all of a sudden what should be an exciting, lively time turns into a recipe for stress, understaffing and customer dissatisfaction.

Maintaining Balance with Locumate During the Holiday Season

But just because everyone else is having a great time on holidays doesn’t mean you can’t relax, either. That’s where Locumate comes in.

Locums: Make the Most of the Holiday Season with Extra Shifts

For locums, it’s a great time to pick up extra shifts, and we’re here to help make finding those shifts easier than ever. By creating a free profile and sharing your availability and rates on the Locumate app, you’ll be able to browse jobs according to your preferences. From there, you can accept shifts and communicate with pharmacies directly. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll be paid (great for holiday budgeting) and what software a pharmacy uses before accepting a shift. Submit invoices and get paid on time, and view your schedule in our handy calendar.

Pharmacies: Ensure Smooth Operations During the Holiday Season with Locumate

For pharmacies, Locumate locums can help fill gaps in your rostering, from adding extra resources during peak times, to finding someone to cover for your regular staff quickly. Creating a job is quick and easy, and once a locum approves it, you’ll be able to communicate directly for a smooth arrival and transition. You’ll also be able to see how much a locum charges up front (which is also good for your holiday budgeting)!

Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday Season with Locumate

So remember, the silly season doesn’t have to be stressfully silly. Don’t get caught out by being understaffed this summer. A little bit of planning and harnessing technology can go a long way. Find out more at: