Post: How our Apply feature ensures the right match every time 

How our Apply feature ensures the right match every time 

At Locumate, our goal is to help you find the best locums to meet your needs efficiently and effectively. To enhance this process, we introduced the Apply feature which allows you to request that locums apply for a shift, instead of booking them immediately. We wanted to provide you with more control over your talent decisions and the ability to review candidates before making a selection. 

Why We Introduced This Feature: 
  • Enhanced Control: By requesting applications, you have more say in who fills your shifts, leading to higher satisfaction with the locums you hire. 
  • Improved Candidate Selection: The Apply feature enables you to review and choose the most suitable locums for your specific requirements, ensuring a better fit. 
  • Better Matchmaking: This feature helps in matching the right locum to the right shift, taking into account skills, experience, and availability. 
Benefits to You: 
  • Efficient Staffing: The ability to review and choose candidates can help streamline your staffing process, ensuring you have the best team in place when you need it. 
  • Reduced Turnover: Be confident you have chosen the right candidate for the job and reduce the likelihood of last-minute cancellations, no-shows, and ultimately poor customer experiences.  
  • Higher Quality Matches: Review applications and select locums based on their resumes and experience, leading to better quality matches for your shifts. 
How it works
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  • Accept Shifts: Shifts with the blue Accept button are available for locums to book immediately, ensuring quick and easy filling of urgent needs. 
  • Apply Shifts: Shifts with the yellow Apply button require locums to submit their resume or CV for your review, allowing you to select the best candidate from a pool of applicants. 
How to Use the Apply Feature: 
  1. Post Shifts with Apply Option: When posting shifts, choose the Apply option for roles where you want to review candidates before selection. 
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2. Review Applications: Once locums apply for the shift, review their resumes or CVs to assess their suitability. 

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3. Select the Best Fit: Choose the locum that best meets your requirements and offer them the shift through the app. 

4.  Wait for Confirmation: The selected locum will receive a notification and must respond within 24 hours to confirm their availability. 

Important Note: If a locum accepts a different shift that conflicts with one they have applied for, their application for your shift will be automatically withdrawn. This helps prevent scheduling conflicts and ensures you are only considering available candidates. 

We believe this new feature will significantly improve your staffing process, providing you with more control and better matches for your needs. We are committed to helping you find the best locums efficiently and effectively. Happy staffing! 

Kind regards,  
The Locumate Team