Post: What our new automated payments feature means for locums

What our new automated payments feature means for locums

We recently launched our new automated invoicing and payments feature, and we’re excited about what this means for our community of locums. After a shift has finished, our app will automatically create an invoice and send it to the pharmacy for payment. And once it’s received, it’ll automatically be transferred to the locum by the payment gateway.

Locumate co-founder Surge Singh says this results in a huge time saving for everyone involved. “I think the biggest impact it will have is giving people back time, both the pharmacies and the locums. We did user research on both sides, and didn’t want to build something that no one wanted.”

“People are spending their weekends writing invoices. Submitting them in and if there’s one little mistake, you rinse and repeat the process. Before you know it you spent multiple hours creating an invoice waiting weeks to get paid, if that’s the right amount. By automating that feature, as soon as the time sheet’s approved, everything’s done for them behind the scenes by the application. So all of the data is always correct and handles the process for them.” 

This means that locums get to do more of the things they love with their time, rather than creating invoices. Just ask locum, Thi, who says the Locumate app has saved him about an hour a week in invoicing – time he now spends with his family. 

 “[The invoicing and payments feature is] probably one of the best features that Locumate has. Usually, if I normally do four or five shifts a week, in five different pharmacies, and it could be five different owners or five different locum organisations, then I’ll have to finish the invoice, make sure everything on there is all correct, and make sure I send it to the right person. Some shifts have different timeframes and different rates, so it’s confusing. You start to make mistakes and you send the wrong things. Then I have to follow up to make sure that it’s all good.” 
For Kavita Nadan, Locumate’s other co-founder, this feature is just one of many that gives control back to its users. “It’s all about putting a lot of independence back into the locum and the pharmacy’s hands. You now have this transparency over what rate you’re going to pay and what rate you can ask for as a locum, as well as making the process quick and easy.”