Post: Transferrable Skills in Pharmacy: More than clinical knowledge

Transferrable Skills in Pharmacy: More than clinical knowledge

While pharmacists are known for their vast clinical knowledge on medications,
medical conditions, and available treatments, working in pharmacy equips you with a
diverse set of transferrable skills that can be valuable in various fields. Just by
working and studying in this field, here are some of the skills you are inherently

Communication Skills

Pharmacy is a communication game. Pharmacists regularly interact with patients,
healthcare professionals, and colleagues. Their need to convey complex medical
information in a clear and understandable manner hones their verbal and written
communication skills.

Attention to Detail

Dispensing and checking medications requires precision and accuracy. Pharmacists
develop keen attention to detail to ensure that prescriptions are filled correctly and
that patients receive the right medication at the right dose at the right time.

Problem-Solving Abilities

As the medication supply health professional, pharmacists are exposed to reviewing
drug interactions, considering financial issues, and mitigating medication shortages.
They must analyse situations, identify problems, and develop effective solutions to
ensure patient safety and satisfaction, whether that is in community or hospital

Time Management

Providing healthcare generally lends itself to a busy work environment, meaning that
work often involves juggling multiple tasks simultaneously, such as filling
prescriptions, counselling patients, and managing inventory. They must learn to
prioritise their workload and manage their time efficiently to meet deadlines and
provide timely service.

Customer Service Skills

Providing excellent customer service is essential to building credibility and trust
between patients. Pharmacists must be empathetic, approachable, and patient-
centred when addressing patients’ concerns or questions.

Technical Proficiency

Pharmacists use various technologies and software systems to manage patient
records, process prescriptions, or conduct drug research. They develop technical
proficiency in utilising these tools effectively so that their processes are streamlined.
These transferrable skills make pharmacists well-suited for management, education,
or research roles. They are an indispensable part to any work team!