Post: Open for business

Open for business

With 80 per cent of Victoria expected to be fully vaccinated this week (16+ years), it’s time to start thinking about what this might mean for pharmacies and locums alike as we open for business.

For pharmacies, an ease of restrictions across the state might mean:

  • Returning to regular staff rostering 
  • Preparing for locum staff, particularly in the event a staff member is unwell, needs time off for COVID testing, or requires flexibility 
  • Planning for communication to your staff and customers 
  • Designing your pharmacy customer experience in terms of store layout, check-in instructions or vaccination certificate checks 

For locum pharmacists, an ease of restrictions might mean:

  • More opportunities for locum work as pharmacies fill vacancies, increase staff to meet in-person demand, and build strong rostering and back-up plans 
  • The ability to fill locum shifts in multiple locations as state-wide restrictions ease 
  • The ability to travel further for work as lockdowns and travel restrictions are lifted

Locumate can help both pharmacies and locums as COVID-19 restrictions ease across Victoria. Find out more at: