Post: Locumate 2.0 Update(Pharmacy Edition)

Locumate 2.0 Update(Pharmacy Edition)

Hey Locumate Community, 

We hope you’re doing well!  

You might have noticed a few changes on the app over the last few days and that’s because we recently released Locumate version 2.0! We wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for your patience and support as we’ve been hard at work bringing you these significant updates. 

With any major product release, there may be a few bumps along the road. Your patience and cooperation during this time are invaluable to us. Rest assured; our dedicated team is working diligently to address any issues swiftly. 

So, what can you expect from the latest version of Locumate? 

  1. The ‘First Come, First Served’ vs ‘Apply’ feature: We know that sometimes choosing the right talent for your pharmacy can be challenging. This is why we created the Apply feature to empower you to make informed decisions.  
  • When creating a new job, you can either allow locums to book shifts immediately by choosing ‘First Come, First Served’ or ask for locums to apply for the shift when outside a radius of your choosing.  
  • Once locums apply for the shift, you can review their applications and offer the position to the best candidate. Locums will have 24 hours to accept the offer before you can choose to offer it to someone else.  
create job

2. New text tags on your search window of the app: To give you a quick snapshot of the status of all your shifts, we introduced a colour-coded tagging system as show in the image below. Now you won’t need to click into each shift to get an update


3. Flexibility over locums: To give you more control over your locum search, we introduced the Block feature and the Preferred Locum feature. These features give you the ability to categorise your locums. With the Block feature, you can stop a particular locum from viewing or booking shifts at your pharmacy. By making a locum a preferred locum, you can create an exclusive list of locums you know and trust for future shift bookings. But don’t worry, you can reverse this just as easily. This can be done at the time of timesheet approval, feedback provision and via the locum’s profile.  


We really hope these updates make your Locumate experience even better! And your feedback is always welcome so please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] with any questions or suggestions.  

Thank you again for your patience, support and for being part of the Locumate Family!  

Kind regards,  
The Locumate Team